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    Another Criminal Remini Source Returns to Jail

    On Saturday, February 9, 2019, Brandon Reisdorf was returned to jail and held without bail for violating his criminal restraining order , appearing at the San Diego Church of Scientology to harass Church staff and parishioners.

    Scientology’s Real Clearwater History is Successfully Thwarting the Intolerance Leah Remini & Mike Rinder Spout

    As if he can’t sink low enough, Mike Rinder used Leah Remini’s A&E show to try to sell his fake story about “discovering” his son Benjamin had cancer and was prevented from trying to see him.

    A&E and Leah Remini Spread Hate

    Deliberate misinformation is not a “half-truth,” “distortion of reality” or “a loose relationship with the facts.” It’s propaganda.

    A&E Continues to Ignore the Truth

    Read the letters that A&E continues to ignore in their effort to manufacture bigotry and prejudice and drum up hate and violence. You will not see this information on Leah Remini’s series, despite producers having had it in their possession for weeks.

    A&E’s Paul Buccieri Gets Desperate as His Mike Rinder Problem Grows

    A&E’s Paul Buccieri has a problem growing by leaps and bounds. His name is Mike Rinder, hanging like an albatross around the A&E president’s neck.

    A&E’s Recipe for Disaster is Serving up Stale Leftovers

    Leah Remini’s reality show is better known as a televised hate show. Numerous incidents of threats of violence and actual hate crimes directly link to Leah Remini and her show.

    When it Comes to Domestic Abuse, A&E’s Buccieri Shuns “Zero Tolerance”

    In a year when men in Hollywood were held accountable for harming women, A&E CEO Paul Buccieri is showing just how tone deaf he is by nixing “zero tolerance” from the Disney-owned network’s vocabulary. In 2010, Mike Rinder, co-host of Leah Remini’s Aftermath assaulted his former wife, Cathy.

    Remini: Aftermath Propaganda Inciting Religious Hate

    Let’s just call it what it is: Propaganda. Deliberate misinformation is not a “half-truth,” “distortion of reality” or “a loose relationship with the facts.” It’s also not “a bold truth” or simply “The Truth” as A&E’s publicity has asserted.

    Leah’s Anti-Religious Sugar Daddy’s History of Drug Dealing and Cons

    Add former drug smuggler and alleged conman Robert Almblad to the burgeoning list of unvetted sources for Leah Remini’s A&E hate show.

    Leah’s New Liar 4 Hire is a Proud Confederate Flag Lover

    Leah Remini loves to brag that she doesn’t vet her sources , parading liars for hire on her A&E show with no questions asked from her show’s corporate bosses. Now A&E chief Paul Buccieri , along with parent companies Walt Disney Co.

    Leah Remini’s Paid Liar

    After hearing from his mother that his sister Valerie Haney was working for Remini and then finding out she was going on the Remini show, brother Jeffrey Haney, an active Scientologist living in Tennessee, wrote to the production company to tell them the truth about his sister.

    SEE: The Emotional Aftermath Mike Rinder’s abuse left on his family

    Having spread religious hate and bigotry about one religion, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are now looking to cash in by trashing the religious beliefs of people practicing other faiths.

    Leah Remini Turning Her Religious Bigotry and Hate “Brand” into a “Franchise”

    Having spread religious hate and bigotry about one religion, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are now looking to cash in by trashing the religious beliefs of people practicing other faiths.

    “Backpage” Tony Ortega Taken Down by Former Source

    Former “Backpage” Tony Ortega source Marty Rathbun has posted shocking new videos exposing Leah Remini’s propaganda minister. Ortega earned the nickname “Backpage” for his role as chief defender of the notorious child prostitution and human trafficking enabler Backpage.

    Leah Remini’s Aftermath: Exposed As Lies Once Again

    Leah Remini and her chauffer Mike Rinder tried so hard to recruit Marty Rathbun for her ASC (Anti-Scientology Cult) that she went so far as to offer that he could “write his own ticket” to star in her A&E hate fest.

    Leah Remini Hate Doesn’t Sell

    Hate doesn’t sell and the numbers don’t lie. The verdict is in: Leah Remini’s second season peddling bigotry on A&E failed miserably.

    Questions “Ask Me Anything” Won’t Ask of Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and A&E

    For A&E, Leah Remini’s second season can’t end early enough as the ratings continue to tumble, proving viewers can only take so much hate and bigotry from subjects whose phony tales were never vetted.

    Leah Remini Digs up Hana Whitfield After Three Decades, but Dishonestly Refuses to Tell Her Real Story

    Recycling the same embittered, unvetted former Scientologists from decades ago has become Leah Remini’s specialty with her reality TV show.

    Leah’s Regular Advisor & Latest Source: Tony Ortega, Who Mocked Two Teen Rape Victims and Shilled for a Human Trafficking Enabler

    With her ratings in a free-fall and hitting all-time lows as “Leah fatigue” grows, Leah Remini is even more desperate to prop up her cheap reality TV show.

    Total Fraud

    With her ratings hitting an all-time low, it’s obvious “Leah fatigue” has set in. Viewers are clearly tired of Leah Remini’s weekly hate-filled rants on her A&E reality TV show.

    Leah Remini Goes Back 40 Years to Rewrite History with Her Friends

    Just in time for Halloween, Leah Remini and A&E continue their religious witch hunt. This time they stir up hate by casting two individuals who, like Remini’s other unvetted sources, can’t keep their stories straight—stories that date back to nearly four decades ago.

    Leah Remini’s Unvetted Wingnut and Flunky

    Mat Pesch This is a story of how a failed construction worker repeatedly removed for dishonesty and falsifying records morphed into a self-proclaimed “expert” on Church finances.

    Leah Remini’s A&E Formula: Hate Your Parents

    Week after week Leah Remini’s “victim” factory continues to crank out reality TV fraud using the exact same formula with the promise that “unvetted” and dishonest subjects can use the exposure to gain fame and money through cash payments, sales of self-published “memoirs” and even GoFundMe pages.

    Leah Remini’s Latest “Unvetted” (Criminal) Guests

    Leave it to Leah Remini and A&E to distort the truth when the facts are staring them in the face. Once again, Remini uses her “people”—“unvetted” guests, each with criminal records and histories of lying, similar to the rest of Remini’s lying sources.

    Leah Remini and Paul Haggis

    Thank Leah Remini for trotting Paul Haggis out on her reality TV show to tell his “big lie” for the umpteenth time about the circumstances surrounding his departure from the Church of Scientology, because his hypocrisy has exploded into the open.

    Leah Remini’s “Crash” and Burn Episode

    Before appearing on Remini ’s reality TV show, Paul Haggis eviscerated his own credibility by confirming what we all knew: that he lied and his anti-Scientology tale is built on a fraud.

    Leah Remini’s “Gone Girl”

    To smear her former faith, Leah Remini goes back nearly three decades to find a woman no one remembers.

    Leah Remini Rewriting History Through the Eyes of a Delusional Handyman

    An extraordinarily simple man who never had any special insight, knowledge or access to the senior executives overseeing the Church, Brousseau became a Church staff member in 1977 at the age of 20 after toiling as a janitor, machinist and furniture clerk.

    Leah Remini’s Newest Source: A Former Security Guard Who Admits He Tortured Animals

    Like most of the “unvetted” sources Leah Remini dusts off for her reality TV show, Morehead was dismissed and later expelled from the religion for a laundry list of transgressions.

    Leah Remini’s Latest “Unvetted” Subject is an Admitted Pervert

    Last time people saw Leah Remini hosting a “roundtable” was when she was one of the hosts of The Talk, the CBS talk show that ended in disaster for Remini when Leah was fired for her inability to get along with others.

    The “Scientology Aftermath” Video Leah Remini Tried to Suppress

    You have to watch this video. It shows Leah Remini at a THR Reality Roundtable as a complete fanatic, making a bombshell admission that tears apart her entire reality show: Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

    Watch how A&E, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder Keep Attacking Mothers

    One week after using their reality show to blame two mothers who endured tragedy, A&E, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder target a third victim. It was painful enough for Marie Gale to endure the suicide of her son Philip when he was a student at MIT.

    Leah Remini’s Family Expose Leah’s Lies

    Fed up with his daughter Leah’s phony, self-righteous “crusade” on behalf of family values, George Remini spoke out to make the truth known, according to videos recently posted.

    George Remini on his daughter, Leah

    Fed up with his daughter Leah’s phony, self-righteous “crusade” on behalf of family values, George Remini spoke out to make the truth known, according to a video obtained recently. In excerpts from an interview George, accompanied by wife Dana, complains about Leah’s disparaging him as a “pimp”.

    Leah Remini Aftermath: Fraud Episode 2

    Aaron Poulin’s mother, Sheila, is upset that A&E, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder after more than a decade are tearing open the wounds of her family’s private tragedy for ratings, profit and Remini’s egotistical self-aggrandizement.

    The Hatred and Violence Leah Remini Incites Toward Her Former Religion and Former Friends

    Look beyond Leah Remini’s pious, money-motivated self-righteousness to find someone inspiring others to hate. Go down the list of what this sitcom actress’s program incites: vandalism—check. Desecration of a religious symbol—check. Arson of a church—check. Threatening the lives of parishioners and their children—check. Threatened assassination of a religious leader—double check.

    Leah Remini & Mike Rinder’s Preacher “Buddy”

    Just as A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc tried to distance herself from secret payments made to a KKK white supremacist group starring in her ill-fated reality show, she and her network are sweeping another hate-filled embarrassment under the rug.

    Leah Remini’s FRAUD

    Scientologists believe raising children to be one of the most joyous, rewarding experiences in life. The basic tenants of Scientology involve ensuring children are loved, cherished and shown respect, while encouraged to contribute to family life.


    Remini and her producers have a preconceived agenda intended to cause as much harm as possible to the Church, its members and its leaders. We have documented hundreds of violent acts incited including: (a) In June someone called the Church in Los Angeles, claiming to have planted a pipe bomb.

    Leah Remini’s Father Speaks Out

    Leah Remini, from Scientology and the Aftermath, has a father who wants the world to know something about his daughter.

    Leah Remini’s Harassment EXPOSED

    As Leah Remini’s acting career markedly faltered, she continuously sought to profit from harassing the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology and his wife.

    Leah Remini’s Aftermath: Exposed

    Leah Remini and her A&E television series have been exposed as fake “reality” television, pandering false and exaggerated claims from “unvetted” subjects.

    Leah Remini: The Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde of Hollywood

    Leah Remini is an actress through and through, so she can make you feel she’s the nicest person. She can play the caring boss or the tea-offering hostess or the congratulatory friend. She spent ten years or more doing that kind of acting professionally (until her career took a downward slide).

    Leah Remini’s unscripted and unreal TV show

    I was on a reality TV show in 2005. It was a fascinating and educational experience to put it mildly. I was a touring musician for years and didn’t watch a lot of TV, let alone “reality” TV. I hadn’t really done my homework and didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

    Leah Remini: The Self-Absorbed Diva Who Treats Others with Arrogance and Disdain

    Leah Remini is known for playing characters who are vain, self-absorbed and who use an acerbic sense of humor to belittle others. What is she like in real life? Pretty much the same, according to those who knew her.

    Team Leah: 5 Things Leah Remini and Mary Kahn have in Common

    Leah Remini’s self-proclaimed “team” of expelled misfits have plenty in common with her, including exploiting their former faith for money, spreading hate from the fringes of the Internet, and treating those they work with like dirt.

    A Hater at Heart With $$$ on Her Mind. Leah Remini Resorts to Tired Anti-Scientology Shtick to Make a Buck

    Leah Remini proclaimed in a 2014 BuzzFeed interview that “I don’t want to be known as this bitter, ex-Scientologist.”

    Up Close and Personal: Why Leah Remini Doesn’t Play Well With Others

    Those who have been in Leah Remini’s orbit and seen how she is up close know that behind the glossy smile is a nasty, foul-mouthed individual consumed with pettiness and vindictiveness. Even those who once considered her a friend have felt the brunt of her rants.

    Leah Remini’s New BFF: A Violent Deprogrammer Out for Money

    Add the name Steve Hassan to Leah Remini’s collection of wife beaters, thieves and embittered pathological liars showcased on her anti-religious reality TV hate series.

    Mocking Religion, Promoting Lies and Spreading Hate: What Leah Remini and Guest Talking Head Lawrence Wright Have in Common

    Both arrogantly disparage and mock religious faith An avowed atheist, Lawrence Wright has a long history of disparaging in his books and magazine articles those who practice religion. He even refers to religious faith as a “prison of belief.”

    Leah Remini’s Real Aftermath: Hate Speech, Threats and Violence

    Leave it to Leah Remini, A&E and Mike Rinder to use the “season finale” of their reality TV show to make excuses for a man who poses such a violent threat to the Church of Scientology and its leader that a judge issued a criminal protective order to ensure he stays at least 100 yards away.

    Lois and Gary Reisdorf, Liars: Blaming Others for their Son’s Violent Attack

    Lois and Gary Reisdorf have been seething with anger and hate at having been kicked out of the Church of Scientology’s religious order more than three decades ago for dishonesty and unethical behavior.

    Leah Remini ”Encouraged” Wife Beater and Fellow Profiteer Ron Miscavige

    One of the biggest shills for Ron Miscavige—admitted wife-beater, racist and anti-Semite—is actress Leah Remini who features him in her cheap reality TV show.

    Chris Shelton: Leah Remini’s “Expert” is Just a Deadbeat Dad With a History of Lying

    Chris Shelton is posing in Leah Remini’s reality TV show as some sort of “expert” on the Scientology religion, yet it would be difficult to find a more unqualified person to speak on the subject.

    Leah Remini’s go to “reliable” sources: Karen de la Carriere & Jeffrey Augustine

    Karen de la Carriere is an obsessed, unstable anti-Scientologist who, along with her husband Jeffrey Augustine, prowls the Internet fringe spreading lies and smears.

    Leah Remini’s Kahn Job: Exploiting a Young Man and his Beliefs for Profit

    Leah Remini continues to shamelessly insert her reality TV cameras into private family matters, distorting the truth with smears for her hate-filled agenda.

    Team Leah: 5 Things Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have in Common

    Leah Remini’s self-proclaimed “team” of expelled misfits have plenty in common with her, from spreading hate from the fringes of the Internet to treating those they work with like dirt.

    Mike Rinder: Vicious Wife Beater Who Peddles Hate on A&E

    Like his BFF Leah Remini, wife beater Mike Rinder has been after the money in the aftermath. Nearly a decade ago, the Church expelled him for gross malfeasance and has had nothing to do with him since. Good riddance.

    “Leah Remini Aftermath” is really “Leah Remini: After Money”

    It is shameful that Ms. Remini exploits the Church for a living. After she left the Church in July of 2013, we repeatedly declined to publicly comment on her, citing the privacy of parishioners.

    Mike Rinder on “Fair Game”

    “It became misinterpreted. And what it said was that if someone has left the Church of Scientology or if someone is directly attacking the Church of Scientology, that person no longer has recourse to the internal ethics and justice procedures within the Church.  

    Team Leah: 5 Things Leah Remini and Amy Scobee have in Common

    Leah Remini’s self-proclaimed “team” of expelled misfits have plenty in common with her, including exploiting their former faith for money, spreading hate from the fringes of the Internet and treating those they work with like dirt.

    Leah Remini • Aftermath of the Aftermath

    Leah Remini and ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’ response site.