• Leah Remini and Paul Haggis

    Sinking in a Quicksand of Hypocrisy and Lies

    Thank Leah Remini for trotting Paul Haggis out on her reality TV show to tell his “big lie” for the umpteenth time about the circumstances surrounding his departure from the Church of Scientology, because his hypocrisy has exploded into the open. And thanks to their anti-Scientology allies, the hole of lies they are digging keeps getting deeper as even more are exposed.

    Remini’s Haggis cable TV show is part of her Joe McCarthy-like campaign to harass those practicing the religion of their choice. Those who appear on her show tell fabricated stories, but equally dishonest is how she intentionally leaves out the facts that don’t fit her preconceived anti-religious story line. Take, for example, her omission to air Haggis’ admission that his tale about leaving was exposed as “a really phony narrative” by Mark (Marty) Rathbun, who coached Haggis when he left the Church in 2009. This just proves that Leah only supports gurus who tow her anti-religious party line.

    The Church said Haggis lied about this story from day one. And now that Leah’s and Paul’s guru reveals the facts, Leah’s awful quiet.

    Rathbun earlier this year posted a video online exposing how Haggis asked him to cover up the lie to protect his phony image as a crusader for LGBTQ rights.

    Rathbun posted a video online exposing how Haggis asked him to cover up the lie to protect his phony image as a crusader for LGBTQ rights. Haggis was eager to promote his phony narrative as a crusader for gay rights by falsely claiming he left the Church over the Proposition 8 vote in 2008 that called for a ban on same-sex marriage. Haggis did so knowing full well the Church as a tax-exempt religious and charitable entity can’t take political positions on such issues in elections.

    Prompted by the Rathbun disclosure, Haggis was forced to admit that he asked Rathbun to withhold the information about his leaving from anti-Scientology author Lawrence Wright so he could protect his phony “crusader” narrative with the public and with his daughters, who are gay.

    In noting the Haggis lie in the Remini episode on this website, it was mentioned how Haggis had sent an email choreographing his departure that asked Rathbun to lie to the media about it. This further exposed Haggis as a liar, causing him to flip out to where he summoned Remini’s attack dog, “Backpage” Tony Ortega, to do his bidding for him in attacking Rathbun.

    Paul Haggis email (redacted)

    So Rathbun countered by publishing the email in its entirety for all to see, noting “the email contained directions from Paul Haggis to me to commit no less than eight misrepresentations of fact to media in an attempt to bamboozle them into buying his phony narrative about himself. That included the Haggis direction to create at least two invented identities to promote Haggis’ heroism and victimhood (conflicted any?).”

    That prompted yet another outbreak of faux outrage by Haggis—that in publishing the email Rathbun had outed “toothbrush mogul” Bill Dendiu as one of his conspirators. As it turns out, Rathbun noted, it was Haggis who needed to brush up on his facts because Dendiu had already been “outed” by Lawrence Wright in his book, the genesis of which was the Haggis lie Wright used as the linchpin. As Rathbun noted, “The problem with Haggis’ latest panty-twist is that his personal biographer and fellow Anti-Scientology Cult member Lawrence Wright had already ‘outed’ his friend five years earlier.”

    So it was just another excuse for Paul Haggis to whine and cast himself as a “victim.” It also further underscores the Haggis hypocrisy: while he’s in tizzy over the crumbling of his LGBTQ “crusader” narrative, he lacks the guts to call out Remini and her co-host Mike Rinder for trying to recruit as the host of an anti-religious “town hall” a preacher whose anti-LGBTQ comments are off the charts.