• A&E and Leah Remini
    Spread Hate

    Deliberate misinformation is not a “half-truth,” “distortion of reality” or “a loose relationship with the facts.” It’s propaganda.

    The Leah Remini Aftermath episodes are exactly that, designed to create provably false narratives to spread misinformation to whip up its audience into a dangerous fury of hate.

    A&E ignores all the information they have been provided—in letters and meetings—because they care about profits, not the truth.

    They have seen volumes of documents contradicting the absurd, contradictory tales of their subjects. Their representatives have met with Church officials who have shown them point by point what they are broadcasting is a lie. They don’t care because it’s all about ratings and making a buck, not about the truth.

    Here again are the same usual cast of liars whose stale disproven stories, repeated a decade later, remain as false today as they were a decade ago. A federal judge tossed these same allegations out in 2010—an Appeals Court unanimously upheld that decision in 2012—and these same sources were made to pay the Church $42,000 in court costs. And, contrary to their hyperbole about being "imprisoned" while serving in the Church's religious order, the judge found these embittered former Scientologists actually came and went as they pleased and enjoyed their time there. Even so, A&E and Remini brought these "sources" onto the show not once but four times. Of course, Remini doesn't vet her sources, nor does A&E. As for their lawyers, they shamefully look the other way.

    The Headleys

    In Marc Headley, not only does Remini present a known liar and thief, she doubles down on his lies by teaming him with his wife Claire.

    Both were kicked out of Scientology because they are pathological liars. Even a judge found that the Headleys are liars. Marc Headley is a thief, having been caught selling Church equipment on eBay then spinning his humiliating departure from the Church into a delusional Steve McQueen-like “Great Escape.”

    After being booted from the Church, the pair launched two lawsuits based on the numerous lies they cooked up. Not only did a federal judge rule their cases lacked merit, the Headleys were actually ordered to pay the Church the cost of defending against their lies—$42,000. Even Claire Headley’s own parents say their story is nonsense, let alone hundreds of other Church volunteers who work at the same facility.

    Here we present the real portrait of the Headleys.

    Tom DeVocht

    Anyone quoted as saying “Lying was not wrong unless I was caught out and couldn’t lie my way out of it” shouldn’t be the source of something claiming to be a “docuseries.”

    But that’s exactly the kind of person Leah Remini is looking for—someone willing to lie through his teeth, and then some. Not only does Remini present wife-abusing thief Tom DeVocht as another ‘victim,’ she slobbers over the violent con-artist. That this liar misappropriated millions of dollars of Church funds, stole from his former wife, physically assaulted both men and women and was booted from the Church in disgrace is of little concern to Remini, herself guilty of trying to extort $1.5 million from the Church.

    Here we present the real portrait of Tom De Vocht.

    Amy Scobee

    There are two sides to Amy Scobee, but only one word to describe them both—lying. First, there is her chronic sexual lying. Forget about affairs, infidelity or sex acts with strangers on a commercial airplane. Just one case says it all: she was booted from Scientology for seducing a man she was supposed to be counseling, on a desk inside the Church. She was so uncomfortable being found out she offered the same man oral sex the next day.

    The second form of lying is the simple falsifying of facts and straying from the truth, the way an adulteress strays from marital vows. During an actual deposition taken under oath, Scobee practically bursts out laughing describing how she has used so many lies so often she can’t tell fact from fiction, making her the perfect guest on Remini’s hate-filled A&E show where she presents Scobee as an “innocent” victim rather than as a pathological liar.

    Here’s the real story of Amy Scobee.

    Jeff Hawkins

    Jeff Hawkins once stole girls’ panties from a communal laundry room in a housing complex and celebrated the theft by taking a selfie of his genitalia. He also found self-pleasure in cropping the faces of his female colleagues and pasting them on nude photographs he found on-line. Oh, and he was busted as a serial Peeping Tom. For this and other ethical violations—not the least of which was chronic lying—Hawkins was booted from the Church of Scientology.

    One wonders what A&E parent Walt Disney, the most venerable brand in family entertainment, thinks of the decision by Remini to glorify and fawn over a creep like Hawkins. It’s not exactly a good look in the #MeToo era. But Remini doesn’t care because if a pervert, liar, thief or low-life is willing to mouth the lies she wants, there is a place on a pedestal reserved for them on her show.