• Leah Remini’s Paid Liar

    Valerie Haney Sells Her Soul to the Devil
    and Destroys Her Family

    After hearing from his mother that his sister Valerie Haney was working for Remini and then finding out she was going on the Remini show, brother Jeffrey Haney, an active Scientologist living in Tennessee, wrote to the production company to tell them the truth about his sister. Of course, they couldn’t care less about the truth if it didn’t fit their made-up storyline.

    “I understand from my sister and my mother that Valerie is engaging in this job and going on the show for money, health benefits and other perks. I realize she was in tough need of money and drinking and at a low point in her life, but I am not in agreement with her selling her soul by telling lies for the attempted creation of ‘reality TV,’” he wrote.

    Jeffrey also wrote that Valerie cut off him and his children from his other sisters and his father and was trying to do the same thing with their mother. He said it all can be traced to her involvement with Remini, who hypocritically proclaims she believes families should get along.

    They cut us off apparently because of how we looked…

    “They cut us off apparently because of how we looked, but I suspect it is because of Leah Remini and her show that is designed to break apart families for the sake of emotional impact with a false story that is supposed ‘reality,’” Jeffrey wrote.

    Jeffrey wrote that his sister was trying to either destroy his family or was being encouraged or instructed to do so for money, extra furniture, and other perks. He added that he found it unbelievable that his sister was involved with Remini.

    “Valerie had promised me she would never involve herself with Remini, who she has spoken about in the past as a horrible person,” Jeffrey wrote. “I spoke to Valerie about it and she denied it at first and then admitted what she was doing and that she was working for Leah Remini. I assume that Remini is USING my sister Valerie in one of her episodes as well, as this has been how Remini seems to operate, USING people for money.”

    Valerie Haney was desperate for money, after failing as a condom saleswoman, she stepped down to sell her soul, her family and religion and became Leah Remini’s paid source/personal assistant. As the saying goes: An evil soul using a holy story is like a criminal who smiles at you. He looks like a good apple but he’s rotten at the core. Oh, liars can look so honest!—William Shakespeare

    An evil soul using a holy story is like a criminal who smiles at you. He looks like a good apple but he’s rotten at the core. Oh, liars can look so honest!
    —William Shakespeare

    Leah Remini continues to try and “make a buck” off her former Church in any way possible, including breaking up families and paying sources to lie.

    All the information on Valerie Haney has been provided Remini, her production company and A&E with full documentation.

    This includes producers and former Harvey Weinstein personal assistants Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman, as well as A&E sleaze peddlers Paul Buccieri, Rob Sharenow and Elaine Frontain Bryant.