• Leah Remini Turning Her Religious Bigotry and Hate “Brand” into a “Franchise”

    Having spread religious hate and bigotry about one religion, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are now looking to cash in by trashing the religious beliefs of people practicing other faiths.

    All of this is happening with the full blessing of the Walt Disney Company’s A&E network, which sees gold in bigotry. In fact, A&E is treating the Remini/Rinder “brand” as if it’s something they can clone; as if it were a CSI or NCIS “franchise.”

    Their formula is simple: denigrate people for what they believe and spread vicious hate and bigotry like a virus. Turn every guest into a “victim” who blames others just like Remini and Rinder do in their own dysfunctional lives, and especially blame parents, who are always made out to be the convenient villains. The more threats and even violence generated, the better.

    Their formula is simple: denigrate people for what they believe and spread vicious hate and bigotry like a virus.

    Forget that Remini is utterly ignorant of the history of religion, the history of the United States, and no doubt has never read a word of the U.S Constitution or the Bill of Rights. One can’t expect a self-absorbed sitcom actress to take the time to understand, let alone respect, what being an American really means and how important respecting the faith of others is to our core freedoms.

    After all, her livelihood depends on tearing others down. There are few people in this world who truly wish others harm. Remini, aided by her head-bobbing “yes man” Mike Rinder, is one of them. Their black hearts have no understanding, no care for the feelings or thoughts of others. With Remini, it is all about her and what she can get out of it.

    That’s why she exploits the religious beliefs of others. For Remini, religious faith is just a commodity that she can monetize by spreading hate. Now she wants to turn it into a franchise, bashing the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a faith neither she nor her groveling wife beater sidekick Rinder know anything about. She and Rinder are even making rumblings denigrating those practicing Islam, so don’t be surprised if that’s next in their cavalcade of religious hate.


    What is most stunning is the complete indifference A&E and Disney show to this shameless bigotry in today’s volatile and dangerous world. People recently have been slaughtered for no other reason than their religious beliefs. So, while Disney’s ABC News covers tragedies clearly triggered by vicious bigotry and religious hate, the A&E network it co-owns turns a blind eye toward it and even encourages it with shows like Remini’s.

    The only conclusion one can make is that vilifying the beliefs of others is now embedded in the DNA of Remini and her corporate benefactors at A&E and Disney. It is institutional bigotry by any other name, involving doing anything, even if it brings harm to others, to make a buck and help a sitcom actress stay relevant.

    But regardless of the topic, Leah Remini remains the same narcissistic, self-promoter she always has been, oozing self-aggrandizement as she slides into insignificance.