• Leah Remini
    ”Encouraged” Wife Beater and Fellow Profiteer Ron Miscavige

    One of the biggest shills for Ron Miscavige—admitted wife-beater, racist and anti-Semite—is actress Leah Remini who features him in her cheap reality TV show.

    Remini claims she encouraged Ron to tell his false life story in which he covered up his long history of domestic violence against his late wife Loretta, even going so far as to “blame the victim” by claiming that she provoked him.

    Ron downplayed his wife-beating by claiming in his literary forgery that he may have shoved his wife or hit her in the arm a few times. Ron got caught in this lie when it was exposed on national TV, where he admitted to Fox’s Megyn Kelly that he punched his first wife. When questioned how many times, Ron admitted, “over a 10-year period—would happen maybe once a month or something like that.” That’s 120 times!

    For the full story, go to www.ronmiscavigebook.com

     [His daughters] say he beat their mother on average twice a week, including while she was pregnant.

    That’s far more than he copped to previously, and a lot less than what his daughters witnessed. They say he beat their mother on average twice a week, including while she was pregnant, after which a son named John died an hour after birth of skeletal deformities. Ron also broke his wife’s ribs and forced her to flee their home and move in with her sister.

    Death Certificate of John Miscavige

    Ron also has claimed he never hit his daughters, but his own writings along with the writings of his late wife, his daughter and his oldest son, Ronnie, from the 1970s describe repeated beatings of his daughters, including with a belt buckle.

    Yet Leah Remini tweets that she’s “so proud” of wife-beater Ron, even staging a photo op to make it appear they are old friends.

    Remini has been silent about Ron since he publicly admitted that his wife-beating was far worse than he had said before. She is hypocritical in refusing to condemn violence toward a woman, because Remini is only about spreading hate, nothing more and nothing less.

    According to one of Remini’s former friends, she once made a similar crude, racist joke by referring to the child of an African-American woman as a “n‑‑let.”

    Leah ignores Ron’s racism and anti-Semitism

    Photo published on TMZ of
    Ron Miscavige

    After Remini professed her love for everything Ron does, he was exposed not only for his heinous domestic violence but for his numerous racist jokes and slurs, including calling African Americans n-----s as well as dressing up as a Nazi. According to a former friend, Remini once made a similar crude, racist joke by referring to the child of an African-American woman as a “n--let.”

    Of course, the real story is that Ron had been arrested for attempted rape and, by his own admission, nearly went to prison save for his younger son engaging top lawyers who got the charges dismissed. Nonetheless, in a taped interview given with Ron’s consent, Ron showed his ugly racist side when he stated what he feared most from prison was being “f----- in the a—by a n-----.“   

    Remini never really helped Ron as she pretended on her show to have done. Ron went to live with his oldest son, Ronnie, over the protest of his daughters. His daughters told Ron why they objected—because Ronnie had abused them when they were young. Within weeks the daughters’ concerns that Ronnie had not changed was proven, when Ronnie was arrested for solicitation of prostitution in an FBI drug and prostitution sting. According to Ron’s daughters, Ron cheated on their mother constantly, including with some of her friends, so it comes as no surprise that he would be Ronnie’s caretaker while Ronnie went through the court system and ended up with a “guilty” marked on his file for a sex crime. And it comes as no surprise that Remini got in touch with Ronnie and connected up with Ron through his sex-offender son.

    Mug shot and police record of Ronnie Miscavige

    It’s not the first time Remini has been an apologist for such conduct. In her book, she admitted that her husband Angelo is a “serial cheater” and called her own mother “a self-admitted slut.”

    Leah is only in it for the money

    Remini and Ron Miscavige also have in common their obsession with exploiting their former faith for money. Ron did so with a “memoir” filled with hearsay, one whose false narrative skipped over the fact that in more than 25 years he remained as third trumpet in a Church backup band. As one reviewer wrote, what “makes it even more frustrating is that so much of the information in Ruthless comes secondhand. The author is continually referencing things he’s heard about David, or that he read about David later on, rather than reporting about his own relationship with his son. But Ron was not part of his son’s inner circle, or a man David confided in.”

    The reviewer was astute, of course. Ron was in Pennsylvania, thousands of miles away when David Miscavige ascended to the leadership of the Church of Scientology, mentored by and working directly with the religion’s founder L. Ron Hubbard and entrusted by him with the future of the Church. It’s all covered at www.ronmiscavigebook.com.

    But for Leah Remini, it is all about money, so she doesn’t care about the truth. She doesn’t care that David took care of Ron all his life, and even gave Ron the funds to buy the house he lives in mortgage-free. Ron even benefited from annual health insurance so he could live out his life in peace. That’s why it was disingenuous for her and Ron to stage an orchestrated encounter on TV for the camera where she falsely claimed that she had invited him to live in her house. The truth is they had not spoken for at least 10 months after he left the Church and Remini had to call Ron’s namesake pervert son to get his number.

    Leah Remini with Ron Miscavige on ABC

    Leah Remini is more than happy to endorse anything if it includes hate speech about her former religion. She refuses to move on with her life. She has spent three years spreading hate about Scientologists who are committed to helping others, and has now turned religious intolerance into a sick cottage industry.

    Leah Remini refuses to move on with her life. She has spent three years spreading hate about Scientologists who are committed to helping others.

    What woman offers support to someone who admits to beating his late wife once a month for 10 years, then tries to blame his wife for the violence?  What type of person seeks to harm people of goodwill? Someone doing it for money.

    Someone like Leah Remini.

    Maybe she should apply her own words: