• “Leah Remini Aftermath” is really “Leah Remini: After Money”

    It is shameful that Ms. Remini exploits the Church for a living. After she left the Church in July of 2013, we repeatedly declined to publicly comment on her, citing the privacy of parishioners. Our statement was as follows:

    “The Church respects the privacy of parishioners and has no further comment.”

    Desperate for attention, Ms. Remini conceived a plan to maximize publicity surrounding her departure and exploit the Church for money, constantly on the war path to try to bait the Church.

    As we noted in 2014, “It comes as no surprise that someone as self-absorbed as Leah Remini with an insatiable craving for attention would exploit her former faith as a publicity stunt by rewriting her history with it, including omitting that she was participating in a program to remain a Scientologist by her own choice, as she was on the verge of being expelled for her ethical lapses.”

    Ms. Remini continued to exploit the Church as a form of income throughout the next year in 2015. That she is attempting to play the victim is shameful and sad, especially since money is her motive. To that end, she recently tried shaking down the Church first for $500,000 and then for an additional $1,000,000 because the Church had the audacity to respond with the truth about her dishonest and despicable harassment of Scientologists and the Church.

    One would think that inciting hatred and religious intolerance for money would be unpalatable for Ms. Remini, who disingenuously preaches kindness.

    One would think that inciting hatred and religious intolerance for money would be unpalatable for Ms. Remini, who disingenuously preaches kindness.

    But then again, it appears to all be about her. How else could she justify casting her show with known wife beaters, people whose claims against the Church were thrown out of federal court, people who stole from the Church and their families, those who engaged in documented malfeasance, and many people who admitted that they lie? And on top of that, the same stories they have been peddling for seven years, with no evidence of what they are alleging.

    “Leah Remini Aftermath” is really “Leah Remini: After Money.”