• Son Reveals How Mary Kahn Chose to Break Up the Family

    “That ain’t good parenting.”

    Sammy Kahn, son of Aftermath “contributors” Mary and David Kahn, reveals how his mother chose to break up the family, making a conscious decision to continue to attack his beliefs and his friends instead of making peace.


    You could even say that the fact of me not being in my mom’s life is really her choice.

    I really made it very, very clear that from the first conversation, you know, “If this is a field you’re going to go down and you’re going to actively oppose something that really makes me happy and that I’m a really big part of—I really like this and, you know, all my friends are Scientologists and this is something that I really agree with—and if you’re going to go against something that’s a goal in my life, just like any other goal,” you know, if she’s going to actively oppose that, then I’m not going to be part of it. And yet she still chose, “Okay, cool. I’m going to still actively oppose it.”

    And then I kept reiterating, you know, trying to help resolve any upsets so that we could kind of make peace out of it. And kept stating, you know, like, “I’m not going to be part of this though.” And she kept going down the road. So, you know, it was a very conscious decision, you know, that she knows her son is not going to be part of this, is not going to be part of her life—and yet still decide to go down whatever road. So, I mean, in my mind that ain’t good parenting. That’s not, you know, she’s very much turning her back on me in that way.

    Since I didn’t want to be around that negativity I was just, “Okay. I’m going to stick to what I told you and I’m going to peace out now basically.” So, yeah, it obviously wasn’t like the most fun situation but it was—it’s never fun, you know, separating away from whether it’s a friend or a team or something that was, you know, like, once a friend and kind of turned its back in a certain way. And—but ultimately, it’s like pulling a thorn out of your side. It hurts at first but it’s a necessary action just to kind of get away from the negativity.

    I mentioned that, you know, it doesn’t even make sense to me that my mom is doing this because it seems like someone else is wanting her to do this. Because they have their own vested interest that they’re against this religion for whatever reason or they want to make money or they just want to put on a show to get views and will say whatever they need to do that. So, obviously that’s despicable and I don’t like that especially when it’s against a group that I like. I don’t like that in general, just doing something for views, in that kind of sense. But that’s the only thing that I could make sense of—kind of exploiting my mom’s emotion towards this. But, you know, it’s just something amongst our family and it was just a conversation that we had and we already decided that I didn’t want to be around this. So, it’s something she was very well aware of.