• Whistleblower on Aftermath Set Reveals Manipulation, Paying Sources

    “She was taking advantage of them.”

    A whistleblower on the set of Aftermath informs the Church of Scientology she is “astounded” at Leah Remini’s manipulation of a couple being interviewed, and reveals “they were receiving payment for the interview.”


    Reception: Church of Scientology International, may I help you?

    Whistleblower: I don’t know very much about Scientology, so you are going to have to forgive me. I’m not really familiar with it.

    I was present for a friend of mine, while I was on vacation, who was doing an interview for a program and it involved a celebrity named Leah Remini, and I was asked to come over and kind of be there as a support system.

    So, while I was in the kitchen and this whole crew of people came, and the celebrity that I used to watch on King of Queens came. And she was doing this interview.

    And during the interview she kept stopping people and telling them—the people I was visiting—and she kept telling them that it needed to be more dramatic, that they needed to add details, they needed to make it sound as bad as possible. And I was pretty astounded because these were elderly—what I considered to be older people. And I kind thought she was taking advantage of them. And I asked, at one point during a break, my friend, if she was really okay with this. And she said “yes,” and that they were receiving payment for the interview.

    And I just kind of felt like, because she was telling the husband, “You really need to start crying at a certain point. That would be really good.” She kept stopping and telling them to up the ante. She just did this whole big thing and so it kind of gave me the creeps and made me feel kind of dirty.