• Mary Kahn Never Told Her Son He Has a Half-Brother, Says Family Friend

    “Something doesn’t add up.”

    Ben, former best friend of Mary and David Kahn, discovered Mary’s dishonesty with her youngest son Sammy, never telling him he has an older half-brother—and had no interest in trying to bring family together.


    Sammy Kahn has been a member of our family since he was born.

    We normally—we usually go out to dinner with him and spend holidays with him, ever since his mother and father did what they did. So he was in town—he and his company now work in D.C. and he was in town two days ago. And we had dinner together and we were talking about this and that. The Leah Remini thing [Aftermath] came up.

    And I said, “You know, Sammy, something doesn’t add up as far as the way your mother reacted, crying and everything like that. I can understand it’s an emotional thing—but the bottom line is, you know, she did the very same thing to her first son.” And Sammy started to look puzzled, “What do you mean, ‘first son’? Her first son is Michael.” “No. Your half-brother, I’m talking about.” And then he went into total consternation, “What are you talking about?”

    He never knew that his mother was married and had a son who is in his forties now. And he was just—as we said—he will never forget that dinner where he found out, not from his mother, but from his parents’ one-time best friends, that she was married, had a child, had a divorce in that marriage and gave up custody of that child.

    Judy and I (my wife) had on at least three or four different occasions said to her, “Why don’t you,” we urged her—“why don’t you reconnect, try and get, you know, see him, put it back together.” And she indicated she had no interest in doing so.

    Judy and Mary, very close friends. Mary shared with Judy—six months, a year before this whole brouhaha occurred—she confided in Judy that she went to see an attorney, a divorce attorney, to divorce David.

    It was what it was. Mary was getting ready to disconnect from her husband. Not because of what was going on in her life Scientologically, but just she’d had enough.

    So you’ve got—you’ve actually got three disconnects that occurred prior to the Scientology disconnect on her part, which was the first husband, the second husband almost, and then the boy from the first marriage—as a sort of a disloyalty, if nothing else.

    So what you’ve got here is—Mary Kahn looking at “Sammy Kahn left us,” okay. And she did—when she did that, or when she said that rather, she fails to see everything that she’s ever learned, anything about not being around people who are negative, thoroughly understanding what those consequences could be and yet, she decided to beat her chest and complain about her religion as being the source of her undoing in life. And I think it’s pathetic.