• Mark Rathbun uncovers Mike Rinder’s false credibility and lies on Aftermath

    “He literally manufactured that.”

    From long-term association with Mike Rinder, Mark Rathbun uncovers how “almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie” in the Aftermath episode featuring Rinder—starting with his claimed credibility.


    So, Episode 2 is all about Mike Rinder, which really makes it easy for them because Rinder and Remini are making stories of other people by having people say something and then they conflate it into something. So, he’s got himself conflating himself and then throwing something out and then conflating what he just threw out with Remini piling on—which is bizarre if you think about it. They present it as a documentary, yet he’s the paid producer, director, editor, scripter, clapper girl—you know, whatever, everything, and yet it’s supposed to be about him.

    Rinder begins establishing his credibility by saying, “If the Church believed someone was an enemy and needed to be silenced, it was my job and I did it,” okay. I challenge anyone to go find and cull where Rinder has disclosed in the nine years that he’s been out, or the seven years that he’s been out, the specific confession of his having silenced anybody. There’s not a single one.

    I was involved with the guy during his entire time over the Church’s external affairs bureau and was the guy that got him a job once he got out. I was the guy that got him job, after job, after job that allowed him to continue to go after Scientology without having to work. He’s never given a single specific or particular to back that up. And yet that’s how he establishes his credibility for Episode 1.

    His second establishment is that he ultimately became, “ultimately became the head of the Commodore’s Messenger organization,” which is the highest management body within the Church of Scientology. And he said that, he was “one of ‘eight people’ that was working for Hubbard.” He literally manufactured that, it’s a complete lie. He’s acting as if he was one of the original messengers on the ship with L. Ron Hubbard—he wasn’t.

    It’s almost like everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. The next thing he states, which is the big statement, is, “My biggest regret, and something I can’t change now, is that I caused my two children to be born into and raised into Scientology. I effectively lost them because I brought them into and raised them as Scientologists,” okay. I mean the guy’s already on camera, in the exclusive he did for the BBC, and saying his greatest regret was something that he said acting as a PR agent for Scientology to a reporter. That was his greatest regret. In fact they made a whole one-hour program that was built on that foundation, that that was this guy’s greatest regret—that he was going to now make good on it, now correct that regret. But this is show time, okay. So now he’s suddenly got this new regret.