• Amy Scobee’s truth: Mike Rinder, Aftermath co-host, assaulted her

    “…nearly knocked me down”

    In sworn deposition testimony, Amy Scobee can’t cover up the truth that Mike Rinder, Aftermath co-host, assaulted her when the two were colleagues in the Church.


    ATTORNEY: Did you recount the fact of the assault that you had suffered at the hands of Mike Rinder?

    SCOBEE: I wanted to say, no. He pushed me once and that was it. It wasn’t like—I didn’t get assaulted or something like that, like, you know.

    DOCUMENT: “Mike then came directly over to me, grabbed me by both arms and shoved me which nearly knocked me down.”

    ATTORNEY: Did Mr. Rinder grab you by both arms?

    SCOBEE: No.

    ATTORNEY: Did he shove you and nearly knock you down?

    SCOBEE: He pushed me.

    ATTORNEY: Let me ask you to take a look at a document. At the bottom under the words “this is true,” is that your signature?

    SCOBEE: …That is my signature.