• Mark Rathbun Exposes the Paid Influence and Hypocrisy of Karen de la Carriere

    “She’s paid in heavily.”

    Mark Rathbun exposes the level of hypocrisy of Karen de la Carriere on Aftermath, and how she paid her way in the “Anti-Scientology Cult” to gain influence over their stories.


    The tail end of Episode 3, the AMA [Ask Me Anything], they bring in Karen de la Carriere, who gives a big song and dance about her son and her former husband, who is her claim to fame, because he was the president of the Church of Scientology—who she’s been divorced from for 20 years, more than 20, probably 25 years. And yet to this day, she clings to as her 15 minutes of fame ticket.

    And I think it’s appropriate to bring it up now, because the very next episode’s about Ron Miscavige. Because Ron Miscavige is the father of David Miscavige, who is now a hero in the ASC [Anti-Scientology Cult] for turning on his son like a jackal. So, she’s here lamenting her son and her previous husband, and we’re about to lionize her, which Karen de la Carriere has done with the rest of ASC. Ron Miscavige is being a hero for going after his son.

    Listen, here’s the level of hypocrisy here: they literally to a one—Mike Rinder, the Headleys, who come up later, Leah Remini—I’ve already explained this about, they all point the finger at their parents for “getting them into Scientology in the first place.” And that they’re all rational, straight people, that were subjected to this by their evil parents, right.

    And so, but Ron—who’s the parent of David—since he’s on the ASC side and going after Scientology, it don’t apply to him. That rule, he’s the exception. He’s an exception to the rule. But he wasn’t always.

    Because when he was on the inside, or perceived to be on the inside, and he wasn’t out, stabbing his son in the back, Karen de la Carriere offered me huge sums of cash to publicize on my blog an accusation that she made, that Ron Miscavige confessed to her that he indeed raped a woman, that he was indicted for, but not convicted—charged with but not indicted or convicted for—many years earlier. And I, as I do with anybody who wants to pay to play, and purchase what I have to say or not say, I told her “no,” okay. That was four or five years ago, right.

    So, I’m just saying, she’s on Episode 3 as the cleanup for Paulette Cooper, ranting and raving about the atrocities of father-son, mother-son relationships, she’s—but they don’t tell you that she’s the woman that tried to pay me to publish that Ron Miscavige Senior confessed to having raped a woman, okay.

    Here’s the reality with Karen de la Carriere. I mean, she donated to my blog, she continuously tried to get me to—tried to influence what I put on my blog. I continuously told her, “That ain’t ever going to happen. This is my running account, of how I see things. And I don’t do things for effect,” okay. Over time, I saw that she redirected a lot of that resource towards Mike Rinder and then to Tony Ortega—and particularly Ortega. I mean, she was boasting and bragging to people that she owned Tony Ortega, she was boasting and bragging to people that she owned Mike Rinder, because of the amount of money that she’d invested into them and that she had kept them going. And that they were—I mean, she’s bragged about that, she’s notorious for bragging about that.

    And so, that kind of goes to the why she’s even in there. I mean, if you look at her in that AMA segment, she’s completely non-sequitur. What’s Karen de la Carriere got to do with—well, nothing. She knows nothing about it. Her story has nothing in common with it, but she’s paid in heavily to two rungs of the ASC troika cluster, and so that’s the payback.