• Mark Rathbun Reveals the Stage Acting on Aftermath Episode with Paulette Cooper

    “Her story is 35 to 40 years old.”

    Mark Rathbun reveals Mike Rinder’s stage acting on the Aftermath episode with Paulette Cooper—acting unaware of events he was directly involved in ending, decades ago, and misrepresenting them as happening now.


    This Paulette Cooper business is literally stage-acted, and I mean like no other segment, because Paulette Cooper was somebody who was involved with Scientology in the ‘70s. Her story is 35 to 40 years old, okay. It is so old that she had a beef with Scientology and settled it 20, 35 years ago. She actually settled it 35 years ago, over things that occurred and started 10 years prior to that, okay.

    So, in fact, right about the time [Mike] Rinder got involved with the Office of Special Affairs, the legal branch of Scientology, one of our first tasks was settling the Cooper case, okay. And here he is—now put that in the context and watch this segment. If they only told their audience that, they would laugh them off the screen. Because Rinder acts like he’s learning things for the first time from Paulette Cooper. Oh, and he’s so gravely concerned with these things that she’s saying that happened 40 years ago—which he learned of 37 years ago, when he was involved with the settling of her, 35 years ago—over.

    And then, as she’s talking—as Paulette Cooper’s talking about these things that allegedly occurred 40 years ago—Mike Rinder is saying, “They will do these things to you,” okay. And of course, the stuff she alleged, we were young men when we first got involved in handling this stuff, and we were dealing with activities that we were tasked with abolishing, and did, at that time. And he’s saying, 37, 35 years later, “They will do this.”

    And so, it’s this mutual stroke fest, which this series [Aftermath] is degenerating progressively more and more into. So they’re stroking Cooper for all this stuff that she settled satisfactorily 35 years ago and acting as if Scientology “will do those things now,” right, with no predicate or basis. And then, it goes—and Cooper reciprocates, by saying, “I’ve got to thank you, I’ve got to thank you, Mike and Leah, because of you doing your trolling in the present, and your sticking, poking sticks in Scientology’s eyes, the attention’s now come off of me.”

    The attention’s been off of her for 35 years is the fact! Okay. I mean, I was there during 22 of those 35 years, and she wasn’t even on anybody’s radar screen. And here she is, 35 years, saying, “By doing what you’re doing now, the attention is off of me.” It’s just mutual stroke fest which is this creation on top of a creation. They’re creating Paulette Cooper into something that exists in the present, and she’s creating them as serving some useful purpose. And it’s all just a creation of their imaginations.