• Chris Shelton’s Ex-Wife: He Cheated, Neglected a Son, and Was “About Himself”

    “He destroys families.”

    Chris Shelton’s former wife tells of how Chris repeatedly cheated on her, took no care or responsibility for a son he had out of wedlock, and alienated others by being “about himself.”


    I was married to Chris for 19 years and during that time he actually cheated on me three times. And I took him back all three times thinking that he was going to change, and he didn’t change.

    Sunny, Chris Shelton’s former wife, tells of how Chris’s dishonesty and belittling attitude destroyed their marriage

    He destroys families. I can—I mean, he literally, he destroyed our family. He destroyed another family that—with the person that he was having a relationship with while I was married to him. And then he almost—luckily he didn’t—he almost destroyed another happily married couple. It’s just, he is a homewrecker and the things that he did are not acceptable.

    So, Chris has a son that lives in Australia. And he has—at least for the entirety of our marriage, which was 19 years, and his son was maybe five when we got married—he never saw him at all, did not make any effort to see him. Even when I asked him about that in regards to his son’s mother and what was happening with that, and he basically would—he just didn’t do anything to actually take responsibility for the son. He didn’t send any money to him to help support him. And I think that his son was over 18 years old before he really even talked to him. It’s just completely irresponsible.

    Chris was somebody that was more about himself, what could he get for himself. He didn’t really care much about other people around him. And if he had to step on somebody in order to get what he wanted, he would actually do that. And he will make people feel bad about themselves and he wouldn’t even think twice about it.

    And just one of the things that I noticed when we were married is that he would treat me and people around me just with total like, “You’re beneath me,” right. And make you feel belittled and smaller like you were not important. And he wouldn’t acknowledge people for things that they’ve done or, yeah. He was just—he was one of those people that you just kind of went, “Really? Really, you were going to treat somebody that you know that way?”

    And I’m telling you, there were people that would not want to be around me because if I was in contact with him, they were actually—they would avoid me. And, you know, after I got a divorce then they became—I became close with them again. And I asked them why that was. And they said they didn’t enjoy being around Chris. He would—they didn’t like how he would belittle me and make himself seem like he was so much better than everybody that was around him. So yes, I’m happy that I’m not having to be connected up to him anymore, and I know there’s a lot of other people that are also happy that there is a disconnection. Because they don’t like being around him because he’s a bad person.

    When we did get our divorce we had an agreement that he would pay for half of the credit cards and I—basically, he never paid those, and I have now since had to pay all of those off. And he left me with those bills. And they were—a majority of the things on the credit card were things that he had purchased himself, for himself.

    He was stealing not only from me—he has stolen from me a couple of times—but he was also stealing things off of the internet that he wasn’t supposed to do. And he was lying and he lied about all these things and he didn’t feel any remorse for it.

    But I can tell you that he didn’t change at all through the entire time we were married, so I’m sure he hasn’t changed now. So, to say that Chris is a loser is an understatement.