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    Affidavit of Amy Scobee

    When someone starts making up stories, it is hard to keep them consistent. Such is the case with Amy Scobee. She was dismissed from the Church’s religious order for one of the most severe offenses one could commit: having sexual relations with the person she was counseling. She signed an affidavit, under penalty of perjury in 2005, when she left, stating in Paragraph 20:

    “I committed a severe violation of Church scriptures and engaged in an affair; in fact with the person whom I was supposedly helping to complete his [rehabilitation] program. I was also this person's auditor, and my actions were a serious violation of the Auditor's Code, a sacred ethics code that governs the conduct of auditors.”

    She never mentioned it, nor the other time she was removed for having an affair, something she admitted to in court deposition testimony, also under penalty of perjury. See the affidavit, where Amy tells her history in her own words: