• Leah Remini’s Embittered Crew

    Mike Rinder: Wife Beater who broke up his family

    To show how low A + E and Leah Remini scraped the bottom of the barrel for their new reality TV show, consider their choice of Mike Rinder as co-host. They claim their program is about keeping families together, but Rinder walked out on his wife and two children after 30 years. He was so cowardly he wouldn’t even give them the courtesy of doing it to their face – he sent an email to a third party and asked that they be told he had left them. But it gets worse – Rinder physically assaulted his former wife Cathy when she approached him to discuss their son, who had cancer and was battling for his life. And not once did he visit his son while he was sick, nor did he pay a dime of the medical costs. His daughter? Ignored for years. He even disconnected from his ailing mother, who died heartbroken at Rinder’s behavior. As for A + E and Remini, they are too consumed with making a buck so they just look the other way.