• Michael Duff
    on Leah Remini
    Former Friend

    Michael Duff travels the world with his wife of 28 years. He at one time was friends with Leah’s husband and his wife was friends with Leah. Michael recalled how Leah made others feel uncomfortable at social gatherings, Karaoke nights and parties—she would try to prop herself up by putting others down.


    My wife and her friends, they were friends with Leah. And whatever. A party or something, and she would always, you know, just be a little unnerved. Like feeling small after an encounter. You know. That was the unfortunate thing that I saw was, she would try to make herself propped up by putting other people down. And that’s just unpleasant to be around. So, as ooh, it’s really funny because I’m a comedian, yeah, but it’s not funny, really. You know, especially with your friends. But oh, they can’t take it. Take what? What should they have to actually take?