• Leah Remini Used Private Investigator to Track Down, Invade Couple’s Life

    “She had me tracked down.”

    A childhood schoolmate of Leah Remini recalls Remini’s selfish nature as a kid, being “rude and aggressive” to others, then trying to pass it off as a joke.


    TODD: I invested a lot of time and effort into helping Leah and her family. And any time Leah asked for help I always took her calls and, you know, would many times require coming to her house and seeing her, seeing her family if they weren’t doing well and, you know, it was something I worked on a lot during that time period of my life.

    When I stopped working at the Church of Scientology, even though I was very much and am a Scientologist and still a Church member, I just had changed jobs and moved to another state and was going to raise a family. So that’s what my wife and I were doing.

    CRISTIN: We weren’t really in touch with her anymore because we had moved away and we decided to start a family and so we moved to Texas to be closer to my parents.

    TODD: And right around that time, in the midst of that, my wife was home alone.

    CRISTIN: I was indecent at the time and I looked out the window and someone was taking pictures through my window. And that’s when I called my husband right away and just said you need to come home. You know, something’s happening. Someone’s outside taking pictures. The guy quickly got in his car and drove away and, yeah, I get afraid of things like that.

    TODD: Shortly after that, Leah Remini called me on the phone and I’d not given my number to her or, you know, hadn’t communicated with her for quite some months and I asked her, “How did you get this number?” And she said that she had had me tracked down, had my residence tracked down and knew where I was living, and that she had my phone number tracked down.

    CRISTIN: She tracked us down and it just makes me feel uncomfortable because we don’t live secret lives, by any means, but we do like to live somewhat private lives.

    TODD: And we were dealing with a lot at the time and, you know, I had a new job and trying to get settled and she kept insisting that the Church was the one saying that I couldn’t be in touch with her, which couldn’t be further from the truth. No one from the Church had ever told me not to talk to Leah Remini. She got frustrated at one point and upset that I was not saying that the Church was the one who said that we couldn’t be in touch and almost hung up the phone to that point. And I think it’s one thing—it’s one thing to have that conversation and track somebody down—okay, that’s not—that’s not right in my mind, that’s not comforting—and especially when you’re dealing with trying to have a family and that’s what your sole focus is in life.

    CRISTIN: We really just want to move on and it’s hard when you’re trying to raise a family and to have any other distractions in your life. It’s something that, you know, you don’t need.

    TODD: To me, it was insensitive and caused a lot of stress, caused stress not only to me but to my wife.

    CRISTIN: It’s just really hurtful that after all that he did for her that this would be what we get in return, you know.