• Jim Kilmartin
    on Leah Remini

    Former father-in-law of Leah’s sister

    Jim Kilmartin is the father of William Kilmartin, who was formerly married to Shannon Remini, Leah’s sister.


    My name is Jim Kilmartin and I have known Leah since she was a teenager. She initially hung around with one of my daughters. And later in life, my son ended up marrying Leah’s sister.

    When I used to go to Leah’s house for the holidays, I never felt like I was part of the family. I mean my daughter was there. My son was there. So in that sense they were always happy to see me. But I never got that same feeling from Leah at all.

    Leah never made me feel that I was part of the family. And when my wife, she was sick for quite a long time and in the hospital numerous times, I don’t recall Leah ever coming to visit or calling me, or doing anything along those lines. You know, even know she talks about family, you know, I theoretically should have been part of the family considering my son’s involvement, my daughter’s involvement with Leah and the amount of time that went on for. And I don’t remember her being at the memorial service. Or getting, when she passed away, or getting any kind of communication from her about my wife passing away. And so how is that caring about family?

    Even though she says the family is very, very important, obviously I wasn’t considered family. But yet I was.

    I had gone to quite a few holiday events, whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas or what not, at Leah’s, and that was the most interaction I had, I guess you could say, with her. And one time at one of these parties she wanted me to have something to eat. And I said “No I don’t eat that kind of food.” And for some reason that got her a little bit upset and from that moment forward I didn’t get invited to as many things as I used to prior to that.

    I would say the reason I didn’t go back as much was because I didn’t do what she wanted me to do and that didn’t go over well.