• Cristin Woodruff
    on Leah Remini
    Wife of Leah’s former minister

    Cristin Woodruff lives with her husband Todd Woodruff in Texas where she cares for their young son. Todd was Leah Remini’s minister when she was in the Church. According to the Woodruffs, Leah Remini harassed the couple shortly after she left the Church including, they believe, using a private detective to track down their address and phone number.


    My husband was one of the main ministers in Scientology who helped Leah throughout the years. And that’s the truth.

    It’s just really hurtful that after all that he did for her, that this would be what we get in return. So, I just hope that my son can grow up to understand that actions like this are wrong, and I only hope that we can teach him to love people and care about people. And never turn on the people that you love and that you care about. That’s what we want to teach him. And we want to keep him out of any other situations where you wouldn’t love somebody and care about somebody and be loyal to somebody who has helped you so much. That’s what we want him to grow up believing and feeling. And we’re going to use Scientology to do that.