• Childhood Friend Remembers Leah Remini as Being All About Herself
    “[Leah was] ‘all about me.’”

    A childhood schoolmate of Leah Remini recalls Remini’s selfish nature as a kid, being “rude and aggressive” to others, then trying to pass it off as a joke.


    I went to school with Leah, back when we were kids. I mean, I just always sort of remembered her as someone who was like one of the cool kids and more interested in herself than in other people. Yeah, not really interested in other people but sort of “all about me.”

    Raina, a childhood schoolmate of Leah Remini from New York, recalls Remini’s selfish and aggressive nature as a kid.

    She would sort of fall into this aggressive, in-your-face attitude and then play it off like a joke. And so that was—I remember her doing that sort of a lot in different situations—I don’t know, like getting on the bus or getting off the bus or something, you know, where she wanted to go to the front of the line or something like that. And it was—she would do that sort of rude and aggressive thing and then kind of go, “Oh, I was just kidding,” like, “Ha, ha, I was just funny, just joking.” But that was sort of the way that she just did things.

    I think it’s more insidious now, where on the surface she seems like a nice person, but under that she does have that—whatever—character or attitude. And I think now it is more insidious, whereas, as kids, it was sort of more on the surface and she could say that she was joking about it, and, you know, we would laugh it off or something, where now, I think it’s more serious.