• Michael Recalls How Leah Remini Would Put Even Her Friends Down
    “…just unpleasant to be around.”

    A former friend recalls how his wife always felt uncomfortable after socializing with Leah Remini, who put even her friends down to prop herself up.


    I knew Leah through family friends. Friends of mine worked with her. I had written songs with her husband—nice guy. Always seemed like he was just happy to have the meal ticket, kind of—not too willing to upset the balance, that was easily upsettable.

    Michael recalls how his wife, who knew Leah for over a decade, always felt uncomfortable after socializing with her as she put others down.

    My wife and her friends, they were friends with Leah. And, whatever—a party or something—and she’d [Michael’s wife] just always, you know, just be a little unnerved. Like, feeling small after an encounter, you know. That was the—that was the—I think the unfortunate thing that I saw—was she [Leah] would try to make herself propped up by putting other people down. And that’s just unpleasant to be around. So, you know, as, “Ooh, it’s really funny because I’m a comedian.” It’s, like, yeah, but it’s not funny, really, you know, especially with your friends. You know, it’s like that’s—“Oh, but oh, but ah, oh they can’t take it.” Well, take what? What should they actually have to take?