• Leah Remini Victimizes Her Father

    Leah Remini’s Father’s Wife: Leah will give her stepfather $200,000 I believe to start a new business. But around the time his daughter passed away from terminal cancer, he [father] just got a job offer in the city, he asked to borrow $500. And she actually wanted the $500 back. Can you imagine that? Your daughter is rich. And she wants your last $500 back?

    Leah Remini’s Father: What is $500 to Leah? You know, like a — what lipstick? I don’t know.

    Leah Remini’s Father’s Wife: It’s the makeup.

    Leah Remini’s Father: Yeah, Like we talked about the 1500. I mean that’s — shoes. She buys two pair of Jimmy Choo or whatever it is. China Choo or whatever. And that’s way over $1500. But she’s going to give me grief because I’m your father and I’m not a victim—well I am a victim of her abuse—but anyway, that’s another story.