• Leah Remini “Treats Angelo Like Hired Help”

    Leah Remini’s Father’s Wife: George and I went out to visit Leah a couple of years ago, she was very degrading to him [Angelo]. Always calls him a S-P-I-C. I don’t want to say it, but that’s how she would say, “You S-P-I-C.” And as a man that makes you feel degraded. Or even as a human being you would feel degraded. Anybody to call you that word. That’s terrible.

    Leah Remini’s Father: Leah treats Angelo like the hired help. I think she has more respect for their handyman, whatever his name is, I forgot, than she does for Angelo. You know Angelo does all the — minimal stuff around the house, he takes care of Sophia, he’ll drive her to school. He’ll do this, he’ll do that. And that’s what his thing is. So he’s not really a person in himself.