• Leah Remini Expelled From Scientology


    GEORGE REMINI: Like this, I don’t know his name, but he is like her sidekick on the show, ah, they are always driving around and they’re talking to people and they are saying —

    DANA REMINI: Oh, Mike Redder, I think his name is Mike —

    GEORGE REMINI: Mike Redder —

    DANA REMINI: Mike Redder…

    GEORGE REMINI: Something like that, I have a little idea, but he’s always like, “Well, you know, I had to do this for Scientology and I had to do that for Scientology.” No! You were doing it for yourself. And it’s the same thing that Leah’s doing right now. She got thrown out of Scientology and she says she quit Scientology. And when she left Scientology, she took everybody that was in Scientology with her. You tell me your own family didn’t suffer? You worry about other people. What about your family? Your family doesn’t count. The only thing that counts is you driving around in a minivan, having face time, being this, “Oh, that happened? Oh my God (feigns crying), this is terrible!”

    DANA REMINI: Well, you know what I see, its losers trying to make a name for themselves.