• Leah Remini Aftermath
    I Could Write my own Ticket

    Scientology and the Aftermath’s Leah Remini’s Go-Tu-Guru, Marty Rathbun, speaks of the profit motives:

    “Mike doesn’t have those rules. He’ll do or say whatever anybody wants him to, as long as there’s grease, right. So she’s been greasing him the whole time, and she famously makes it known to others that he cannot turn on her or say anything negative about her, pursuant to asc cult “rules,” because she’s his matron. And so, you know, the Aftermath, that’s the, that’s the premath, okay? The Aftermath, is him playing with his latest benefactor, Leah Remini, because I know for a fact she told me I could write my own ticket to take that place.”

    See the whole story: https://youtu.be/KjwmW42jvic