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    Leah Remini: A Scientologist is a “well adjusted, happy human being with integrity."

    “And I have included myself in this category of, you know, this makes me legit, you know, if I have a house that looks like this and a car that looks like that or boobs that look like this then I’m legit, you know, I am really in this business and I am really someone to be reckoned with. And you know, I’ve gone down that path, I don’t really have the boobs but I have the other things and it’s an empty happiness and I see it time and time again. I have successful friends in all areas of the entertainment industry and what I see are failed marriages, failed relationships, unhappiness, depression is a big one. I am not a depressed person. And I guess I take it for granted because I’ve been in Scientology most of my life but that’s what I see, I see these are definite traps that you have to look this way and act this way as opposed to really being a well adjusted, happy human being with integrity.”

    Which Leah Remini is to be believed? Is it the one who starred hit TV show who gushed for 14 years as she does below about how Scientology turned her life around and made her a success? Or is it today’s angry, embittered Leah Remini mired in hate who hangs out with fringe Internet bloggers while her career is adrift?