• Leah Remini Money Hungry
    Taking Everything from Grandmother


    GEORGE REMINI: The neighbor, Valerie, was listed as the executor of the [Leah’s grandmother’s] estate.

    But before making a move, she called Leah and Nicole. Mostly Leah. And she told her, “Listen, your grandmother’s got this, that, the other thing. And what do you want to do?”

    She goes, “Well, I’m going to send Nicole. And you show her where everything is and let her take everything.” And that’s what she did.

    While my mother was laying there dying, they were — rather, Nicole was going through all her drawers, picking up everything, getting her jewelry. You know, as she’s laying there in the bed and they’re taking all the stuff and they’re putting it in your bed.

    DANA REMINI: Yeah, and that was orders from Vicki and Leah, “Take everything.”

    GEORGE REMINI: Take everything.

    DANA REMINI: Because they’re money hungry.

    GEORGE REMINI: Do you really need my mother’s wedding ring?

    DANA REMINI: Right.

    GEORGE REMINI: Do you really need that?

    She took all the monies from the house, all the monies from the banks, her retirement money, everything.