• Leah Remini Lying to Sell TV

    Leah Remini’s Father’s Wife: Leah just looks at everybody around her as just a pawn in her game. So one minute she’s your best buddy, and the next minute she’s stabbing you right in the back.

    Leah Remini’s Father: If this show was like really in New York, it wouldn’t last 10 minutes because everybody would turn around and say, “You’re a liar.”

    Leah Remini’s Father’s Wife: Everything is starting to come out, people are starting to see the real her. And that’s what she’s so scared of. She’s so scared of people really finding out the real her.

    Leah Remini’s Father: Because she’s a liar. She just wants to make things up, just to sell time on TV. That’s all it is.