• George Remini and Dana Remini

    on Leah Remini

    George Remini, Leah’s estranged father, and his wife Dana remember when he asked Leah for only $1,500 to be tested for cancer. She agreed to pay but never did. Leah didn’t show up for the funerals for her grandmother or grandfather, and when George used to reach out to her, Leah was never available to come to the phone.


    GEORGE REMINI: Leah once told me—I had to be tested for cancer—and Leah said, “How much is it?” I said, “It’s $1,500.” $1,500 is a pair of shoes for her. Or boots, that’s for $1,500. And being that my ex‐wife was robbing every penny from the company, we were like bad off. So I turned around and I said, “Leah could you do this for me? You know, it is serious, biopsy for cancer.” She says: “Yeah, yeah, I’ll take care of it. What’s the doctor’s number, what’s his name?” I gave her everything. She said “I’m going to just put it on my credit card.” I says, “fine.” Leah never did it. I says, “Why didn’t you do it?” “Well I don’t want them to have my credit card number.” I said, “Why don’t you send him a money order, overnight?” She says, “I didn’t think of that.” I says, “You are talking about my life here for $1,500.” So she says, “What can I do,” blablablabla. I said “alright, drop it, forget it.”

    Kevin is a nice guy. He is a really really nice guy. He sent me a card when I had cancer. I didn’t get a card from her. He sent me a card.

    DANA: Well Kevin James probably knows that Leah is a nut and that he turns her down, who knows what she might do.

    GEORGE: When my father died, Leah didn’t show up. And when my mother died Leah didn’t show up. And these are two people that she kept, “Oh my granny, my granny, my granny.” You know, that don’t mean nothing. You never went to see her. Maybe once you went to see her you know, from California. That’s about it. You know, she’ll say, “Oh I used to go there all the time.” No you didn’t.

    I don’t have to be, you know, a college graduate to understand. You know, you get kicked so many times, you learn to stay down. You know, and through my life with them, that’s all they did. You know, they came to New York I think once. They stayed with me in my apartment purely to sleep. That’s about it. Other than that, they were gone. So, why’d you come to visit me? You know, you could have stayed in Christina’s house or somebody’s house. You know, “Oh, I’ve come to see you Daddy.” Alright. Didn’t work out that way.

    Well, what happened was, I tried to reach out to Leah, many many many times. And every time I called that she was there, Vicki would pick up the phone and say oh, no she’s setting the table, she’s busy. Oh, she’s out by the pool laying down, I don’t want to wake her up. And it would just go on like that, ‘til finally we both said, what am I doing here? I’m the father, I’m calling you.

    No, Leah is like talking to people saying, I am trying to help them.

    DANA: No she is not trying to help nobody.

    GEORGE: What was the outcome of the first series where she reached out to help somebody? I mean does this guy that she drives around with have an answer? No. Is he like up free and smiles? He used to be an enforcer for Scientology and they threw him out. So what are you talking about? To me it is like a double negative. You are talking about Scientology and all the things that were done that you did.

    DANA: Look what she does to her own family.

    GEORGE: Yeah.

    DANA: She doesn’t even help her own family out.

    GEORGE: No. No. She does not. She doesn’t help anybody but herself. And everybody that is there close to her. She didn’t even come to my mother’s funeral or my father’s funeral.

    DANA: Or Stephanie’s funeral.