• Leah Remini Tried to Prevent Friend’s Mother from Going to Church

    “How could you? It’s pure evil.”

    Leah Remini went out of her way to prevent family friend Alison’s mother from getting the help she wanted from the Church. Alison tells her mother’s story.


    My mom had been friends with Vicki, Leah’s mom, for several years. They were both teachers and would—were friends I think primarily from that connection.

    My mom was getting spiritual counseling at our Church and she was in a rough place in her life and was really going to seek help. And during that time Leah was trying to prevent my mom from doing that, and Vicki as well. Trying to prevent her from saying what she needed to say and wanting to get the help that she wanted to get. And what I witnessed…I’m sorry, what I witnessed was my mom deteriorating because she so wanted to get help and she just wanted to go and get spiritual counseling and have a close connection with the people at her Church.

    And at every turn, Leah and Vicki were trying to prevent her from doing that—trying to tell her what to say and how to say it. Trying to check in with her every day and calling her up and yelling at her when she didn’t check in with them. Trying to control her connection to her Church and trying to prevent her from having it.

    Leah has attributed her success and her happiness in the past to Scientology. She knows that it works and yet there she was, trying to stop another person from getting the help and having the happiness that they deserve. How could you? It’s pure evil.