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    Leah Remini’s Aftermath: Exposed

    Leah Remini and her A&E television series have been exposed as fake “reality” television, pandering false and exaggerated claims from “unvetted” subjects.

    George Remini on his daughter, Leah

    Fed up with his daughter Leah’s phony, self-righteous “crusade” on behalf of family values, George Remini spoke out to make the truth known, according to a video obtained recently. In excerpts from an interview George, accompanied by wife Dana, complains about Leah’s disparaging him as a “pimp”.

    Leah Remini: The Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde of Hollywood

    Leah Remini is an actress through and through, so she can make you feel she’s the nicest person. She can play the caring boss or the tea-offering hostess or the congratulatory friend. She spent ten years or more doing that kind of acting professionally (until her career took a downward slide).

    Leah Remini’s unscripted and unreal TV show

    I was on a reality TV show in 2005. It was a fascinating and educational experience to put it mildly. I was a touring musician for years and didn’t watch a lot of TV, let alone “reality” TV. I hadn’t really done my homework and didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

    Leah Remini: The Self-Absorbed Diva Who Treats Others with Arrogance and Disdain

    Leah Remini is known for playing characters who are vain, self-absorbed and who use an acerbic sense of humor to belittle others. What is she like in real life? Pretty much the same, according to those who knew her.

    A Message from Stacy Francis

    Leah Remini was the godmother to my children. I have known her for 20 years. She was in the hospital room when I delivered my daughter. I spent every holiday with her when I lived in Los Angeles for 17 years.

    5 Things Leah Remini and Mary Kahn have in Common

    Leah Remini’s self-proclaimed “team” of expelled misfits have plenty in common with her, including exploiting their former faith for money, spreading hate from the fringes of the Internet, and treating those they work with like dirt.

    A Hater at Heart With $$$ on Her Mind

    Leah Remini proclaimed in a 2014 BuzzFeed interview that “I don’t want to be known as this bitter, ex-Scientologist.”

    Up Close and Personal: Why Leah Remini Doesn’t Play Well With Others

    Those who have been in Leah Remini’s orbit and seen how she is up close know that behind the glossy smile is a nasty, foul-mouthed individual consumed with pettiness and vindictiveness. Even those who once considered her a friend have felt the brunt of her rants.

    Leah Remini’s New BFF: A Violent Deprogrammer Out for Money

    Add the name Steve Hassan to Leah Remini’s collection of wife beaters, thieves and embittered pathological liars showcased on her anti-religious reality TV hate series.

    Mocking Religion, Promoting Lies and Spreading Hate: What Leah Remini and Guest Talking Head Lawrence Wright Have in Common

    Both arrogantly disparage and mock religious faith An avowed atheist, Lawrence Wright has a long history of disparaging in his books and magazine articles those who practice religion. He even refers to religious faith as a “prison of belief.”

    Leah Remini’s Real Aftermath: Hate Speech, Threats and Violence

    Leave it to Leah Remini, A&E and Mike Rinder to use the “season finale” of their reality TV show to make excuses for a man who poses such a violent threat to the Church of Scientology and its leader that a judge issued a criminal protective order to ensure he stays at least 100 yards away.

    Lois and Gary Reisdorf, Liars: Blaming Others for their Son’s Violent Attack

    Lois and Gary Reisdorf have been seething with anger and hate at having been kicked out of the Church of Scientology’s religious order more than three decades ago for dishonesty and unethical behavior.

    The Hatred and Violence Leah Remini Incites Toward Her Former Friends

    Look beyond Leah Remini’s pious, money-motivated self-righteousness and what you really find is someone who is inspiring others to hate. And when one of her “fans’ makes serious trouble that escalates into violence, she’s eerily silent. No tweets referring to the fan as “honey.” No Instagram posts.

    Leah Remini ”Encouraged” Wife Beater and Fellow Profiteer Ron Miscavige

    One of the biggest shills for Ron Miscavige—admitted wife-beater, racist and anti-Semite—is actress Leah Remini who features him in her cheap reality TV show.

    Chris Shelton: Leah Remini’s “Expert” is Just a Deadbeat Dad With a History of Lying

    Chris Shelton is posing in Leah Remini’s reality TV show as some sort of “expert” on the Scientology religion, yet it would be difficult to find a more unqualified person to speak on the subject.

    Leah Remini’s go to “reliable” sources: Karen de la Carriere & Jeffrey Augustine

    Karen de la Carriere is an obsessed, unstable anti-Scientologist who, along with her husband Jeffrey Augustine, prowls the Internet fringe spreading lies and smears.

    Leah Remini’s Kahn Job: Exploiting a Young Man and his Beliefs for Profit

    Leah Remini continues to shamelessly insert her reality TV cameras into private family matters, distorting the truth with smears for her hate-filled agenda.

    5 Things Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have in Common

    Leah Remini’s self-proclaimed “team” of expelled misfits have plenty in common with her, from spreading hate from the fringes of the Internet to treating those they work with like dirt.

    “Leah Remini Aftermath” is really “Leah Remini: After Money”

    It is shameful that Ms. Remini exploits the Church for a living. After she left the Church in July of 2013, we repeatedly declined to publicly comment on her, citing the privacy of parishioners.

    Mike Rinder on “Fair Game”

    “It became misinterpreted. And what it said was that if someone has left the Church of Scientology or if someone is directly attacking the Church of Scientology, that person no longer has recourse to the internal ethics and justice procedures within the Church.  

    5 Things Leah Remini and Amy Scobee have in Common

    Leah Remini’s self-proclaimed “team” of expelled misfits have plenty in common with her, including exploiting their former faith for money, spreading hate from the fringes of the Internet and treating those they work with like dirt.