• Eric Brownstone
    on Leah Remini

    Former Family Friend

    Eric Brownstone is a long term family friend and associate of Leah Remini whose wife worked closely with Leah for years.


    My daughter Tabitha was turning I think twelve or thirteen years old. And Leah was the former godmother of my daughter Tabitha and she refused to come to the birthday party for some B.S. reason or another. And we were at the birthday party. We all had a great time regardless. And we were driving back home, dropping off another friend and my wife gets this email on her Blackberry of, I mean to summarize it quickly, Leah just basically said, “You’re fired! I know it’s near the holidays,” it was days before Thanksgiving. “I want nothing to do with you, your family, your children, nothing for the holiday season. We had all had prior plans with Leah and her family as we did for many years prior. And the communication was very terse. It was “get out of my life, I want nothing more to do with you. If you have any problem with this talk to my lawyer. Don’t ever speak to me again and you can take your health insurance and shove it straight where the sun doesn’t shine. You can take any money that you think you’re owed and forget about it. You can get nothing! Leave, go away, go to hell, have a nice day.” And that’s pretty much how that happened.

    When my wife, her mother was passing away she was in that you know state of I’m going to check out pretty soon which is very sad and unfortunate. Obviously my wife was devastated. My wife was also very pregnant at the time and Melinda’s sister was also around who also worked for Leah as an assistant. And they were going to the hospital on a daily basis to check in with their mother to make sure everything was okay. Leah would go out of her way to make my wife and my wife’s sister feel stupid for not doing their normal day-to-day routine jobs with a smile on their face. She would make them both cry. She would make them both completely aggravated, make them feel horrible about themselves and about just being in general. I mean, your mother’s dying. You need a moment to take a break, to take a breath, to do whatever. You don’t need the person that you’re working for to step all over you and make you feel stupid about every move that you’re making. This got so bad that upon my mother-in-law’s death … We were at the hospital, they were at the hospital. I was unfortunately a little bit late to the hospital so I missed the actual passing, which obviously I regret. My wife and her sister and the rest of their family didn’t miss that and they saw this horrible event take place and you know that happened. We all came back to my house and you know everybody is obviously upset and doing what they’re doing. And Leah comes over to my house, the house that also she hated for no apparent reason. That’s a different story for maybe a little bit later. She came in and at first was consoling and kind of did the right thing but quickly she turned into the evil person she is. And she started screaming at my wife about some work-related issue something to do with—I don’t even know what, it just kind of went beyond me that how could she do this at this moment? How does another human do this? And then she looked at Melinda’s sister, my wife’s sister who worked for her as an assistant and started yelling at her. And screaming at her about the fact that she forgot to do a simple task at work earlier that day before her mother had passed away. The simple task was to upload music on her daughter’s iPod. To put music onto an iPod, so that after daycare is over little Miss Sophia can go dance and sing with mommy. And she screamed at her to the point of me having to excuse her out of my house to say “Leah, I think you need to leave. You need to go now.”

    Leah was famous for, you know, for psychological slash verbal abuse to my wife who was nine months pregnant. It was the most horrific experience of my existence to see another human being scream at a pregnant woman, nine months pregnant, ready to have a baby at any moment, of “your doing a crappy job. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re a stupid person. Get out of my house. Get out of my life. Go away, do whatever. Just don’t do it around me right now because you’re stupid and you’re pregnant.” And that’s Leah Remini in a nutshell of how she treated my wife when she was pregnant, when she was you know nine months pregnant, ready to have a baby at any given moment. And, it’s abhorrent. It’s the only word for it.

    My wife and I had had our second child and she decided one day to send me an email, Leah did. About how awful my wife was during the whole entire pregnancy. Just a two page email. I still have it. Of how terrible my wife was while she was pregnant. The horrible things she did while she worked for her, while she was pregnant. Just, you know, the crying, the waste of time, you know just on and on. And then really the last couple paragraphs are how bad she is and how I—she couldn’t believe that I could stay married to such a person. That I should absolutely without a doubt just leave her, because she’s an awful human being. This is her describing my wife of twenty some odd years at the time. I was appalled by the communication. And what’s worse is a few weeks later, when she was in a moment of upset, she decides to cop to the fact that she’s been jealous of the relationship of Melinda and myself for the last twenty some odd years. Because she knows she can never have that kind of thing. Now we have true love and she doesn’t.

    Listen, my wife had worked for Leah twice. Once many years ago and that relationship ended up bad, they broke up, they didn’t work together anymore. Hey, we’re all young or stupid whatever. She was a celebrity on a show and my wife—it didn’t work out. I broke up the relationship myself, because it wasn’t working out. It was driving my wife crazy. My wife would come home upset and I didn’t want to see my wife upset. So I said stop working for her if you don’t want to work for her. You can get another job, you’re employable. So she did. Years and years ago by and Leah comes back into our life like gangbusters. You know, Hey! It’s been so long. I want to be part of your life again. And I was over here. I was like, “there’s something wrong here man, there’s something wrong. I just don’t know what.” Because Leah is a conniving, evil person. I mean you have to understand the mental idea that somebody could be that manipulative, that conniving, that evil. These people exist and she’s one of them.

    If I were to look up bully in a dictionary, there should be a picture of Leah there. That’s how she lives. She wants to bully people. She gets off on it. I mean that’s—she loves it, she loves nothing more than to be a bully, to be a bigot, to be anything other than a normal person. And that’s the sick truth of who Leah is.

    Listen part of my, part of me, part of my like you know seeing what the hell’s going on with Leah Remini today. To me, it’s laughable. I don’t even know even how she stays relevant. I don’t know how anybody likes Leah. I know personally and factually back then ten years ago she had a horrible reputation in Hollywood. Nobody liked her, nobody wanted to work with her.

    So one night Leah, on an emergency basis, called my wife and said you guys need to be over here immediately. I mean I have a life. I have other things to do, I have children I need to take care of. You know but that that’s it, at the drop of a dime when Leah needs you, you go. That’s how it was. So we show up and she’s upset and she’s not happy and Angelo is being told: Get out of the house go get our guests food, which is weird because usually they would just have it delivered. Or somebody else would get it. And she sits my wife and I down and my wife already knew what was happening. It was just time to tell me. And what had happened is, Leah told me that Angelo had come clean to her that he had been having an affair with some other woman. And she was deeply concerned how I felt about this issue. First of all what do you care what I think? That’s your husband, like deal with it. Like handle it, like figure it out. Like why do you, what do you care what I think? But she wanted me to know and she wanted to know what I thought about it. And I was lost. Like what do you mean what do I think? It’s like I’m telling you now. And I didn’t know what to say. I said that’s a horrible situation you know I’m sorry to hear this. What are you going to do?

    I started thinking and I’m like wow, wait a minute: Leah stole Angelo from a girl named Raquel years before and they had a very small child at the time, Raquel and Angelo. And Leah went after this relationship with venom and force to try to destroy this marriage, which she did. And successfully destroyed this marriage and ruined this guy’s relationship with the wife he had had for many years. And what’s worse is they had a small baby. Like that’s the kind of person Leah Remini is. Like, because she sees something she wants she’ll go to any length, any length, to get it. Any length at all and that’s a horrible, horrible trait.

    Leah was an awful human being to me. And an awful human being to my wife, and an awful human being to my daughter and to my son. And she’s a horrible mother even. She, I mean, look, there’s nothing I could say good about Leah Remini, at all. She is through and through evil. She is mean. She is awful. She hates others. She does everything she can to control people. She does everything she can to make people subservient to her. She’s like—it’s like she wants to be a slave master or something.

    She excommunicated her own father from her life because he came to visit her after not seeing her for so many years, I don’t know how many years, maybe 20 years he hadn’t seen his daughter, you know, whatever, she came from a broken home. So the father is in New York, she is in LA, he finally comes because she is a success and in her mansion. She doesn’t really spend that much time with him. She doesn’t really do all that much with him. It’s not really like you know quality time that one would spend with a parent. And I remember there was some sort of argument with like you know the rental car bill and who is going to pay for it and I think he just got upset and paid for it or whatever but you know she was hosting him. She brought him out and he goes back home to New York and I guess he’d sent a thank you card saying, thank you for the week of whatever. And she was so pissed and so frustrated that her own father didn’t send flowers to say thank you for the wonderful week, that she excommunicated him from her life. And that lasted, I mean until I was out of the picture so that was a good two, three years. I mean that’s insane. That’s Leah Remini. That’s who she is.