• A Message from
    Stacy Francis

    Whatever happened to the idea that we should respect the religious beliefs of others? And why on earth would we support others who decide to attack any religious group?

    Before I go any further let's look at this word religion. One of the three definitions is “a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.”

    Millions of us gain spiritual freedom and happiness from our religion and we follow it with great devotion. None of us Scientologists are on psychiatric drugs nor are we raging alcoholics. We follow high moral and ethical principles. The reason we are seeking to live by these principles is to help others to be happy, and to try to help, in our way, to achieve sanity in a chaotic world. 

    Leah Remini was the godmother to my children. I have known her for 20 years. She was in the hospital room when I delivered my daughter. I spent every holiday with her when I lived in Los Angeles for 17 years. I lived with her. I cried with her. And she was an opinion leader for me. She led me to Scientology in 2003 when I was at a very low point in my life. I found so much happiness in it. I found answers.

    Leah Remini was the godmother to my children. I have known her for 20 years. She was in the hospital room when I delivered my daughter.

    But after a few years, in 2006, I stopped practicing Scientology, because I was in a relationship with someone who treated me very badly. The Church tried helping me to see he wasn't a good man, but I refused to listen. I also stopped because I felt guilt as a Christian. I went back and forth for about six years. No one ever turned their back on me.

    Then, in 2012, when my life seemed to be falling apart, I went back. I can honestly say it saved my life. I learned that you can be in any religion and Scientology is open to you. It was a very personal journey and I had to be honest to myself and to my church in order to come to realize who I am, really, and my full potential.

    I have been fully dedicated since then and I will remain so for the rest of my life.

    Leah wrote lies about me in her book, and worse, she is on a crusade against the Church. Now, I find this very interesting because she grew up in it, and she applied it to her life for over 30 years. She attributes the application of the technology of Scientology to her success in her career and finances. When I walked into her home I said to her, “What are you doing? I want a home like this. I want a marriage like this. I want this!” She attributed it all to Scientology.

    When I saw Leah recently, after she left our Church, she admitted to me that her issues are not with the faith. But Leah is very thin-skinned, and something set her off. On television, she sells her rage as being about the religion, but the truth is it’s personal. At the bottom of all of her attacks and “help” she claims to be giving people is deep-seated resentment and her inflated ego.

    At the bottom of all of her attacks and “help” she claims to be giving people is deep-seated resentment and her inflated ego.

    When I saw Leah I told her to stop using my name in her attacks. She asked me if the Church had told me to attack her. I have to admit I found this rather funny. She likes to blame the Church for everything. Every petty perceived slight of her and the people she works with is always “the Church’s fault.” I don't need to have my church tell me to tell Leah to keep my name out of her mouth. I have enough strength and courage in my own right, and enough integrity to stand up for what is right on my own!

    Leah Remini on A&E Show in 2016

    Leah told me she was very surprised that I did not leave the Church when she and her family left. I responded “Leah, you cannot have my soul. My soul’s salvation is mine.”

    My mother always said as a Christian that not one man or woman, not even her own children, would keep her out of Heaven.

    Why on earth would Leah be so self-centered and narcissistic to believe that I would give up my religion for her or anyone? Her family only left with her because she is their financial backbone. She pays for all of their lifestyles. Her mother wept like a baby when she learned that Leah was leaving.

    So why am I addressing this now, after all this time? I am addressing this now because I recently starred on a TV show in the UK. I talked about how amazing Scientology is, and a fan walked up to me in tears thanking me for taking a stand. Her family had watched me every day on television for three weeks and loved me. They loved how funny I was, but they really loved how I stood up for what was right. This fan had been doing Scientology and was being attacked by her family, but none of them knew what it was.

    When I spoke up they all started to be interested and they apologized to her for getting it wrong. In that moment, I realized how many people I could actually be hurting if I don't continue to speak up! Especially against money-hungry attention-seekers like Leah.

    I have to take a stand for what is right.

    I have questions for the people supporting Leah and her attacks. Would this be okay if she was attacking the Jews? Or Christians? Or Muslims? Why are people calling her “brave”? She is not brave to me. I think it's a pure disgrace that she profits from her career as a person attacking a religion that helps people. She is a coward. And she was a coward of her own admission when she was in our church not actually practicing the religion, being dishonest and vindictive.

      She is a coward. And she was a coward of her own admission when she was in our church not actually practicing the religion, being dishonest and vindictive.

    For all the people who support her, I simply ask you to take a look into your own heart and ask yourself if you are being a bigot like Leah. Is this how I would want to be treated?

    Scientology is a personal journey. There is no topic in life that you cannot get help with in our church. If you are depressed, broken, in a failing marriage, in a career going nowhere, need to stop worrying about the past and always in trouble, Scientology can help. We are a church and we know the way to happiness.

    As for the small people who attack it, who have been there and left, then I say come back and let's take a look at why you are being so critical and help you too.

    Religion is personal. Our church is open to all who will walk through its doors. We help. Simple.

    www.scientology.org is where you go for truth.